What people are saying . . .

“Thank you for the excellent job you did as a keynote speaker as well as a facilitator.  I have heard nothing but positive things concerning all the interactions you had with our directors, superintendents, teachers and administrators. I believe we have taken an important first step in opening up connections with others who are beyond our walls and borders. I hope to stay in touch with you concerning future possible visits and exchanges!”around the country as an alternative way to educate students.”
-Dr. Garry Andrews, Executive Director, The Association of Alberta Public Charter Schools

“I want to thank you for your participation in the Audubon Leaders Retreat. You helped make this a really successful event.  I was really impressed with your engaging presentation style in addition to the useful and thought provoking content of both the keynote and the governance session. I heard much positive feedback on both from a number of participants. Thanks again!”
-David Greenberg, Director of Charter School Authorizing, Audubon Center of the North Woods

“I didn’t realize how much of an impact charter schools made until I attended a coaching conference in June down in Austin, Texas. The speaker who most influenced my mind and made me want to advocate even more in support for charter schools was a lady named Ember Reichgott Junge the author of: Zero Change of Passage, which is a book about her and her colleagues struggle to create and get the law passed in Minnesota that would help pave the way for charter schools. She succeeded in 1991 and here we are today, charter schools are country wide. Charter schools are growing tremendously around the country as an alternative way to educate students.”
-Calvin Miller, Teacher, Coach, Athletic Director at Legacy Preparatory Charter Academy

“Reading your post brought me back to your visit and your presentation and it brought a smile to my face… Every year after EXPO we send out a survey to all the participants asking them to rate the various speakers, sessions, games, and food at EXPO. Hands down your speech won the highest ratings! Keep up your great work and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.”
-Saul Wagner, President, Hertz Furniture, regarding the company’s annual EXPO gathering of school furniture sales representatives from around the country

“Ember delivered the keynote address at our annual Senior Leadership Retreat in 2014 -and she was excellent! Ember’s long history working in education reform coupled with her diverse experiences were very insightful. Her candor in sharing the story about the beginnings of charter education in this country was refreshing. Ember’s enthusiasm, and her practical, strategic advice for spreading the word about school choice in the communities we serve was inspiring for our whole team.”
-Gene Eidelman, President of Mosaica Education, which manages 27 charter schools in the U.S., part of over 100 Mosaica educational programs worldwide

“Great, informative and passionate presentation – thank you!”
“Informative and validating. Thank you.”
“Love the historical perspective.”
-Florida Charter School Conference Attendees

“Thank you for visiting us. Your presentation was marvelous, and the audience clearly loved you.”
-Marguerite Most, Reference Librarian at Goodson Law Library, Duke Law School, Durham, North Carolina