Advance Your Mission with a Dynamic Board of Directors!

Is your board of directors stymied in delivering on its mission?  Is your board adding value or simply wasting members' time?  A dysfunctional board may be the biggest barrier to achieving the results you want.  

It takes only one weak link:  the board director with a personal agenda, the board leader who has nothing but complaints, or the board that collectively and routinely micromanages staff.   A renegade or unethical board member not only steals valuable time and emotion from accomplishing the mission, but drains passion right out of other board members and staff.  
This three-hour training will help you understand proper structure and roles for board members and staff.  Learn how to transform your governing body into a high-performance board with a structured process of improvement.  Through active participation, attendees practice procedures to respectfully focus discussion, advance results and prevent dysfunction, and honor proper and distinct roles of volunteer leaders and staff managers.  


Hour 1:       Structure is Your Friend

Renegade personalities and personal agendas have no boundaries when structures don't exist or are ignored.  Learn how to use simple bylaws and adopted rules and procedures to eliminate most board dysfunction.


Hour 2:       Management is for Managers  

A high-functioning board provides strategic policy guidance, resource expertise, and a powerful network of support.  Micromanaging daily management decisions, demanding instant action on low priority items, or diverting staff time to off-mission tasks only holds back results on mission.  Recognize the differences, and avoid the pitfalls.


Hour 3:      Seven Practices of Boards that Work

Learn specific techniques to bring board members together and reconnect to the mission.  Lead change and plan the future.  Hold board members and staff accountable.  Establish structures to avoid governance gridlock.  Transform your board and take it to a new level of performance!