Summary of Values Message Training

There is nothing more powerful than a clear, concise message grounded in core values that connects people to you and your cause.  Imagine a reporter asking you a basic question:  "Why do you serve on the board of ABC?”  Can you answer in 30 seconds?  And is your answer one that inspires others to support the work you do?      

Too often nonprofit and government leaders are so immersed in the details of their work that they respond with "jargon" and fail to connect to the values that motivate their passion each day.  This three-hour training will help you develop a strong message strategically grounded in core values to advance your mission with any audience.  

But this training does more than create a one-time message.  Through active participation, attendees learn how to think in values-laden language, articulate their values to fend off hostile questions, and connect with different audiences by identifying their different core values.  These communications skills are essential for government officials, but can be used in business, community, and even with the teenagers in your home.

Training Outline


Hour 1:     The Elevator Speech   

Why do you do what you do?  Identify core values, create the powerful soundbite, and learn the power of values language


Hour 2:     The Message Triangle

Create the umbrella message for your mission that resonates with every audience--from media to constituents


Hour 3:    The Confident Delivery

Learn to deliver the message in every forum, respond easily to hostile questions, and redirect focus to your message, not theirs