Congratulations—Nova Classical Academy

Congratulations to the students, staff and families of Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul on the dedication of their beautiful new building October 13 on the Victoria Park Campus! This school has grown over ten years from start-up to highly respected educational institution with over 900 students on the waiting list. Their mission? To offer learners a rigorous, thorough, systematic, challenging K-12 college–preparatory education in the classical tradition.



I was pleased to offer remarks at the dedication in two roles. First: as author of the first charter school law, I love that Nova is a model of what can be done when parents and teachers have a vision and work together to make it happen. Nova is an example of how distinctive a chartered school can be. It is a public school choice relished by some, and not intended to meet the needs of all. That is the innovation and value that chartering brings. (I love the picture of “classical” Linus and school leaders, including Brian Bloomfield (left) and Miranda Morton (right) in front of their new facility!)

I also brought greetings as Board Vice Chair of Charter Schools Development Corporation (CSDC), which worked in partnership with school leaders to manage the development process of the new facility. The facility was completed on time and delivered under budget! That could not be done without leadership of Brian Bloomfield, Executive Director, Board Chair Damon Fraser and board member Jeff Ellerd, among many others. They took a stand for their building, and made it happen!

Finally, I was delighted that school leaders chose to give all board members and founders a copy of my book Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story, copublished by CSDC, in celebration of the special day. Young Nova students appear on the cover of the book and in the photo section. I could not be more proud that 2nd grade teacher Rebecca Lund and students Chloe, Arfi, Weedduu, Rajat and Azariah are pictured in my book. They symbolize not only the opportunity that Nova Classical Academy provides, but the opportunity that chartering provides over two million students in the nation today.

Congratulations, Nova Classical Academy!