Congratulations to the Arizona Charter Schools Association

Congratulations to the Arizona Charter Schools Association for hosting a successful state charter schools conference in early November with nearly 1,000 attendees! Arizona has over 540 charter schools (the most in any state). Arizona now has 145,000 students attending charter public schools, a number 10% greater than last year, and now comprising over 14% of the public school students in the state. 60% of Arizona charter schools have a waiting list of at least one grade.

I am grateful to my copublisher, Charter Schools Development Corporation (CSDC), for hosting my trip to speak at the conference and introducing me to local media to tell the bipartisan charter school story. To watch my interview, click here. CSDC will launch a new office in Arizona on December 11 and launch the Arizona Charter Schools Fund to assist more charter schools with building and financing quality facilities. For more details, click here.