2013 American Library Association Show and the Library of Congress

I just spent a fascinating weekend June 28-29 in Chicago with librarians from all over the country! My book, Zero Chance of Passage, was featured in the exhibit and catalog of the Independent Book Publishers Association at the Show, and I’m told that the catalog was a popular item. I was also pleased with my conversations with librarians of higher education institutions that offer education degrees. In my view, teacher candidates are a critically important audience for the pioneering charter school story. My hope for the future is that every teacher candidate is provided the ebook version of Zero Chance not only for the history of public school choice, but for understanding the role of public policy in education, and the opportunities for teachers to take leadership in policy and in their teaching.

Another highlight for me was visiting with representatives of the Library of Congress. I was invited to sign two of my books for physical placement in the Library of Congress, and my personal notes in the books will be recorded in their online library. What a thrill! Check out the Library of Congress Online Catalog here.