Welcome Game-Changer!


That’s how the Adjacent Markets Division of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) likes to think of charter school entrepreneurs.  I like it!   To HMH, charter leaders “Translate vision into results.  Imagination into action… You are the passionate game-changers in public education.  You make a clear difference!”

That’s what I heard when I participated in the HMH Adjacent Markets Sales Meeting near Chicago on January 7-8.  I presented the Pioneering Charter School Story to their leadership and account executives from all over the country, and was pleased to be joined by some of their successful leaders in the charter sector:  Kelly Hoce, Southern Regional Director, and Account Executives Heather Rumsey (Michigan) and Bonnie Orr (Texas).   HMH generously provided copies of Zero Chance of Passage:  The Pioneering Charter School Story  to their account executives so they could share this information with the school leaders they serve. 

HMH, of course, is a leading provider of curriculum materials for K-12 students of all types, including e-learning courses.  They also provide technology support and professional assistance through their Leadership and Learning Center.  What I most love about HMH is their commitment to the charter sector and the establishment of a separate division—Adjacent Markets—to focus on its growth.    These account professionals are passionate about chartering, and understand the entrepreneurial nature of the charter school leader.   They are creative and innovative and work in tandem with charter school leaders to create the services and curriculum customized just for them. 

It’s not always easy to create a separate division in large organization.  I give great credit to Dan Cavalli, the leader of the division, who recognized the need—and opportunity—inherent in creating this new direction for the company.   In some ways, it reminds me of the original enactment of chartering:  a new system in parallel to the traditional district system.   And that has lasted over 20 years!

HMH is helping to grow a robust, quality charter sector around the country. It was a privilege for me to support these efforts!