Did you Know?

Did you Know that India has more honors kids than America has kids?

Did you know that China will be the largest English-speaking country in the world by 2016?

Did you know that the US Department of Labor estimates that today’s learners will have 10-14 jobs by the age of 38?

Did you know that many skills learned in public schools today will be obsolete by graduation?

Did you know that if Facebook users were a country, they would be the third largest country in the world?

The most important characteristic of children growing up today is their love of embracing change.

Is the US education system keeping pace?  Not at all.  As US Secretary Arne Duncan often reminds us, the U.S. system of education is NOT nation-leading.  We are ranked 26th.

US schools ranked near-bottom among countries studied in a first-ever report on education innovation by the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development—only the Czech Republic and Austria rank lower.

The number of homeless students in the US reached an all-time high last year.

It’s time to transform education.